Free Ads SA

Paid Business Classified Advertising South Africa

Free Ads SA offers both free and paid advertising which is not only limited to businesses and personal in South Africa, but is available to countries from around the globe such as the UK, USA and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

That said and done. We offer 2 types of paid advertising. The first is Category and Search Result advertising which comes in two forms. For a more detailed description, prices and example images visit our classified advertising prices page.

The second type of advertising is Header and Footer Ads on Dynamic pages. Paid Dynamic Business and Personal Ads DO NOT appear on Static Pages, which I explain below.

The difference between Dynamic and Static Pages

Free Ads SA uses both Dynamic and Static Pages. Static Pages are better for SEO and are more secure due to no database. Static is without a doubt the most efficient way of delivering content, specifically content that is compatible with all webserver technology.

BUT, at the same time static pages are less functional than dynamic pages. Hence, we use both dynamic and static pages for the classified.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic content is created by CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. The pages are only created when the page is requested by a visitor or search engine such as Google.

The downfall of dynamic pages is they take a lot longer to load than static pages and can time-out if the server receives to many requests for the same page (the server has to 'build' a page for each request) and 90% of the time the platform/program limits a persons SEO capabilities

We market the classifieds with static pages and run the classifieds with dynamic pages which are ALL kept in a folder called 'freeads'.

Examples below of dynamic header and footer pages where your Ads will appear


The above URL's and more will display your paid header or footer business Ads. Always remembering all pages and directories after /freeads/ are dynamic pages. So if you don't see your business listed check the URL to see if it includes /freeads/.

Static Pages

Our Static pages are HTML and are ALL hand coded (no program used, except for NotePad!) that by itself gives us more control over page codes than what dynamic pages could offer.

In general over 90% of our traffic flow enters the classifieds via static pages. Once on the site the users click-through to dynamic pages which then offers the visitor login, Ad viewing, free Ad submission, search, etc...

Examples below of Static page URL's

I mostly use static pages to market the website under various categories, towns, provinces and countries. I find they rank a lot better.


Take note - the folder /freeads/ does not exist in any of the above URL's. The above are all 'hand crafted' pages created statically and DO NOT carry Ads (If you find an Ad on a static page we have manually edited the page, which we reserve the right to do)

Always remembering, Paid Dynamic Business and Personal Ads DO NOT appear on static pages.

Still not sure which advertising method to choose! then contact us for further business advertising suggestions. We are open to new advertising suggestions and will try accommodate your advertising needs. Regardless whether you in South Africa, the UK, USA or UAE.


ALL PAID ADS are marked as "SPONSORED ADS" and carry the rel='nofollow' attribute as per Google's paid advertising guidelines.